The difficult second posting

Apparently, I should also include lots of pictures in this blogging malarkey so here goes…

This is a recent project I was involved with in Wilmslow, East Cheshire (just south of Manchester).  For me, it was a great example of a successful community art project (in more ways than one) and I intend to do more of a write-up on it in a later post but for now – here’s a picture of the finishing touches being done to the artwork.

When I first became a ‘freelance artist’ (more on the terminology later), I had a good trawl through the internet looking for helpful info and books that would help me a). make lots of money, b). tell me how to find work and c). make a success of any work I did find.  There’s lots out there about the money bit (but I think you’re in the wrong job if you’re doing it to get rich), how to network and make contacts and how to be successful at your job but there wasn’t much out there about what you actually do and are expected to do as a freelancer.  Saying that, Artists Newsletter is a fantastic resource for artists so for anyone new to this game, first stop  Ooh, second stop really – read this first!

Thanks to Richard Dawson for the image.

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