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Mosaic lettering – timelapse

I should have posted this ages ago but have only just worked out how to embed video in to my blog!

This shows the first stage of making the outdoor classroom mosaic floor.  The method being used to create the mosaic is the double-indirect method, whereby the tiles are stuck onto brown paper and then reversed ready for installation.  The fill-in and background colours are added once the detail has been reversed.  To give you an idea of how long the mosaics took to create, the word ‘Merryweather Damson’ which is being created in this time-lapse took about 1 day to complete…

Mosaic lettering test panels – Hyde Park

As part of the Hyde Park Community Orchard artwork, we’re creating a 3m diameter circular mosaic.  This will form the central part of the outdoor classroom and is a substantial part of the commission.  Part of the design is a circle of text that includes all the names of the fruit trees planted in the orchard.

I’ve created some test panels of text to see if the style/font I want to use is achievable and that it isn’t going to be too time-consuming to create almost 200 letters from mosaics.  As the lettering on this outer ring of text is only 50mm high, there’s not a lot of room for error but the most fiddly bit proved to be filling in the background colour.

The second panel is the test piece for a central ring of text that reads ‘Hyde Park Community Orchard’.  This will be done in the same font but is slightly bigger with 80mm high lettering.