Mosaic lettering test panels – Hyde Park

As part of the Hyde Park Community Orchard artwork, we’re creating a 3m diameter circular mosaic.  This will form the central part of the outdoor classroom and is a substantial part of the commission.  Part of the design is a circle of text that includes all the names of the fruit trees planted in the orchard.

I’ve created some test panels of text to see if the style/font I want to use is achievable and that it isn’t going to be too time-consuming to create almost 200 letters from mosaics.  As the lettering on this outer ring of text is only 50mm high, there’s not a lot of room for error but the most fiddly bit proved to be filling in the background colour.

The second panel is the test piece for a central ring of text that reads ‘Hyde Park Community Orchard’.  This will be done in the same font but is slightly bigger with 80mm high lettering.

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