If I had a pound for every time someone told me I should start a blog…

So – here it is.  Weird.  Apparently this is going to up my profile, make my website top of Google and bring me everlasting fame.  Or something.  Maybe I’ll need to tweet as well to achieve the fame bit…

Next step – choose what I’m going to write about.  Hmmm – how about me?  Though I find the subject endlessly fascinating I’m not sure others will so I’ve made a compromise.  I’m going to write about…yes, you guessed it…’Being a Freelance Artist’ (that’s in the loosest possible sense, of course).

This gives me carte blanche to write about any aspect of my life but I’m also going to (hopefully) include lots of helpful stuff about different parts of being a freelance artist including doing community and public art, working with clients, inspiring art and design, money, what makes a successful project, managing your time and how to survive winter working from home without efficient heating (it’s a finely balanced method but involves two hot water bottles, elasticated trousers and tartan granny slippers).

(And tea, lots of tea)

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