The Complete Printmaker – Etching

I’ve been learning etching on my course at Hot Bed Press and I absolutely LOVE it.  I’m quite surprised as I didn’t think it would be my thing but I think the quality of the line you get is beautiful and it’s very forgiving (especially to my drawings!).

Here’s the original photo I worked from – it’s a view of Manchester Town Hall from Charlotte Street.

View of Manchester Town Hall

Here’s a pencil drawing of the image.  I’ll probably re-use this for some other prints – possibly drypoint and maybe a linocut.  Note the miscalculation on the size of the Town Hall compared to the photo.


Here’s the first print from the etched plate.  I was quite pleased with it apart from a few wonky bits where I’ve had to draw it back to front on the plate.  Also, there is a lot of foul bite – the marks and scratches on the plate where there was damage to the hard ground – but I quite like this.
Print-etching-This is the same plate with aquatint.  The only part of the print which should be white is the sky and a few details, so I was really disappointed that the buildings were so light.  I obviously didn’t leave the plate in long enough on the first dip.  But – first go – so not too bad!


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