Working with your local partners and organisations

I’ve just been to a local youth partnership meeting and it’s caused me to reflect on the benefits of getting involved in your local community – in both a personal and professional capacity.  At the meeting this afternoon were: councillors, representatives of the (very active and successful)  residents association, housing association regeneration and community staff, youth workers / senior managers and various other bods, including me, an artist.

I’ve found getting involved and being active in your local community is a great opportunity to meet, not only local commissioners of community arts but also to develop stronger links, discover what’s going on in the area and gain advice and insight into projects and upcoming developments.  Its also a good way of highlighting your own projects and activity and sourcing help and support for your own work.

On a personal note, I learnt about a gardening group that a friend might be interested in and that the Council are currently doing a consultation on local libraries and they haven’t had much response.  So I’m off to the library this afternoon to wave my flag of support (not only is it brilliant for books but it’s a lovely warm place to work in too).

So – Tip of the Day: go to some local meetings.  It might take up an afternoon when you could otherwise be earning money but it’s worth it to network and meet the movers and shakers…

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