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Quite the Culture Vulture

Fellow Woodend Artist member and artist Pat Baker invited me to the theatre this week.  We trotted off to see ‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.  Starring (predictably) just two actors, Justin Moorhouse and Victoria Elliot, the play is set in a pub whereby they play  the landlord and landlady and then a variety of characters / couples that come into the pub.  Justin Moorhouse is well known for his role in Phoenix Nights (the guy that spends the whole second series with his face painted as a tiger) amongst many other roles and comedy parts.

I really enjoyed it (for all that I don’t often go to see ‘normal’ acting plays) but was very glad I wasn’t sat on the stage level seating where Moth the smooth ladeez man attempted to try it on with almost every single person.  Very funny for the rest of us, though…

The stage design was very simple except for the chandelier that was created from a few hundred suspended pint glasses and tankards.  Looked great with the lighting and multiple piece suspended artwork is a format that always hits the spot with me.  I can’t find a picture of it but the designer was Amanda Stoodley.  Instead of an image of her work, here’s an image / detail of my suspended artwork…(dodgy connection, I know)

Together We Are Greater - suspended origami artwork by Jacqui Symons